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StarIn.In- An Overview

StarIn.In is owned and operated by StarIn International in association with M/S Arabian Dreams Entertainment, a renowned production house in the Malayalam film Industry.

We would like to professionalize the unprofessional way of selection artists as well as their marketing for upcoming showbiz projects.

We showcase talented aspiring artists in our talent directory to get them scouted in the industry.

Today the world has a lot to offer, we believe that this is a generation of talents and all efforts are put in to showcase your talent in our talent directory.

StarIn.In is a comprehensive technological solution for casting in the entertainment industry. It showcases your talents and lead and guide you to stardom, a one stop shop for casting. You will never miss any audition opportunity in showbiz Industry.

May you be the star bringing more Oscars to our nation?

StarIn.In conducts various programs and workshops to hone your skill set and make yourself confident to face auditions so that your talent get discovered by the directors, production controllers and producers.

Much More Enthusiasm

There is much to be learnt and known in-depth about film making and world of cinema is a sea of knowledge and creativity. If you think your love for cinema can take you to places, then StarIn.In is the perfect stepping stone for you. We want to create a space for you to experiment with your talent. We shall hold hands together to achieve that dream. If you are passionate, come, let’s join our hands together and chase the zeal for cinema.   

If you are passionate about cinema, and wants to make a mark of your own in the industry, here is a portal for you, all the way from god’s own country StarIn.In is India’s one its kind portal that invites aspiring actors, models, musicians, dancers and to showcase their talents. Workshops will be conducted by stalwarts in the industry. You will be observed, groomed and evaluated and guided by them.  We are concerned about your privacy and safety and stringent verification mechanism establishes the authenticity and genuineness of persons interacting with starIn.In.   

Visual media demands numero uno’s to be part of that industry, register with us now. Who knows, you might be the next star in the making, you are just a click away from realizing your dreams.


Our Leadership


Shibu K Moideen

Shibu K Moideen

Co-Founder & Chairman
Mathews Chacko

Mathews Chacko

Dijo Jose Antony

Dijo Jose Antony

Creative Director